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FireBike Better Biking Course

Our FireBike Better Biking Course is a free half day course providing advice, guidance and assessed ride feedback designed to improve your existing road riding skills and help you to enjoy safer biking even more.

After an initial classroom theory session, a FireBike team member will undertake an assessed ride with you and provide practical advice and guidance on your riding, highlighting strong points and suggesting areas where improvements can be made through practice. You’ll be given tailored feedback on topics like about observation, positioning, gear selection and overtaking.

At the end of the course you’ll get immediate feedback from the FireBike team member. You will be presented with a certificate of attendance and a ‘goody bag’. A concise written feedback report will be sent to you shortly after the course.

If you successfully complete the Better Biking Course, you will be entitled to a 10% discount on your bike insurance through Devitt Insurance. Further details can be found here:

Comments from riders who have attended the Better Biking Course include the following:

“What did the course mean to me….IT SAVED MY LIFE! What you taught me literally saved my life. Thank you.  I’m so glad I’ve done this course”

“Very informative.  I learnt so much in a short time.  I advise everyone to take this course”

“Excellent professionally run course.  The instructors were very informative and friendly and gave positive feedback. I will take the comments constructively and use them. Highly recommend this course for beginners and more experienced riders alike. Thank you so much”.

You can book a place on a FireBike Better Biking Course by emailing and providing your full name; address; bike make, model and registration number; contact phone number and email address.

Or just speak with a FireBike rider at one of the many events we attend throughout the year.


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