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On this page you'll find our:

  • Statement of accounts
  • Fire Authority Budget
  • Insurance certificates
  • Medium Term Financial Plan 2020-24
  • Financial Strategies and Plans

Statement of accounts

Medium Term Financial Plan

Our Medium Term Financial Plan (MTFP) is set in the context of three key areas, namely:

  • The funding of pay inflation
  • Reduction in the Local Government Finance Settlement
  • Impact of the Comprehensive Spending Review

And the two beliefs, that we should:

  • Work as a value-for-money organisation
  • Demonstrate our efficiency and effectiveness

Our financial challenge across the next four years is clear:

  • Inflation pressures are placed on us to the value of circa £5.5m
  • Our budgets are likely to increase by circa £1.2m
  • Our efficiency savings need to address a gap of circa £4.3m
  • Balance the budget with no use of reserves by 2021/22

This Medium Term Financial Plan seeks to address these challenges.

Read our full Medium Term Financial Plan here.  

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