Woman rescued from car in flooded ford

Firefighters were called to assist at the scene of a woman stuck in her car in a flooded ford near Chelmsford.

When fire crews arrived they reported the occupant was stuck in their vehicle in 4 foot of water. The water had entered the vehicle and was now up to the women's chest. Firefighters from Chelmsford Fire Station were first on scene and kept the woman calm until the specialist boat team from Colchester arrived.

Three firefighters waded into the water using safety equipment to make sure the woman was rescued and brought to dry land.

The woman was rescued from her vehicle by firefighters by 12pm and left in the care of the Ambulance Service.

Station Manager Howard Midwood said:

"If you see flood water, turn around and find another route. Water this deep is enough to float and drag a car a considerable distance. It's not worth taking the risk.

"This type of incident is easily avoided - if you see any flooded roads, simply do not drive through them. Today we have had to use a number of officers, crews and specialist units to assist at the scene, all resources which have been tied up and not available to other emergencies."

Incident number
Hurrells Lane, Little Baddow
11.28am - 17 January 2023