Caution road sign in heavy rain

Staying Safe in Flood Water

More than 12% of the UK population live in areas at risk of flooding from rivers or the sea. Floodwater can be dangerous but there are a few simple things you can do to stay safe.


Flood Safety Tips

  • Keep an eye on weather reports for flooding in your area. Do not travel in heavy rain unless absolutely necessary
  • Do not ignore road closed signs
  • Never attempt to cross or drive through floodwater if you don’t know how deep the water is. Just two feet of water will float a car
  • Never try to swim through fast flowing water or floodwater – you may get swept away or be injured by an object in the water 
  • Don’t assume fords are safe to cross just because the road is not closed. Always look at the river level gauge and use your common sense 
  • Floodwater may be contaminated. Never allow children or pets to go near or play in floodwater
  • Prepare a flood kit in case your home floods or you are trapped in a vehicle for any period. This should contain a change of clothing, wellies, waterproofs and blankets as well as a torch, charged mobile, medication and a first aid kit and a list of useful numbers, including flood alert lines 

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