Floodwater affecting 12 houses

Firefighters have been working to pump floodwater away from houses in St Osyth after heavy rainfall.

On arrival, crews reported that 12 properties were being affected by floodwater.

Crews have been working to pump the water away from the houses alongside partners in Tendring District Council and the water company. 

Station Manager Nick Singleton from Essex County Fire and Rescue Service said: “With more rain on the way, you can help to protect your home from floodwater by:

  • Blocking entrances with sand bags or towels
  • Taking valuables and electrical items upstairs if you can
  • Isolating your electric and gas supplies if it is safe to do so when water starts to enter your home

“If you are concerned flood water could enter your home please contact your local council’s flooding team and if there’s a risk to life, please dial 999.” 

If your power goes out call 105 to let your network operator know.

You can sign up for flood alerts at

Incident number
Attending station
Point Clear Bay, St Osyth
10.55am - 20 October 2023