Firefighter fitness

All applicants will have to pass our assessment day in order to progress through their application to become an on-call or wholetime firefighter. 

Support to help you train for the assessment day

Have you seen our new fitness training programme? Starting from the very first warm-up, it gives tips on how to improve both aerobic fitness and strength and helps you create a personalised plan to prepare for our tests and get yourself firefighter fit. You can download a copy to keep.

You can also watch the video below where our Fitness Advisors have given demonstrations of exercises you can do at home or the gym to train for the assessment day.

Make sure to follow our Fitness Team on Instagram for more fitness advice.

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What to expect on the assessment day

To help make sure you're firefighter fit and to ease any nerves about the assessment day, our Fitness Team has put together a video to show you what the assessment day would look like:

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Aerobic fitness test

You will have the choice of two aerobic fitness tests – either the Bleep Test or the Chester Treadmill Test.

The bleep test involves running between two points which are 20 metres apart. You’ll need to get to level 8.8 to pass, which means eight shuttle runs into level eight.

The Chester Treadmill Test is performed at a set speed of 6.2kmph (3.9mph). The test lasts for 12 minutes and every 2 minutes the treadmill incline is increased by 3%. You must walk for the duration of the test and not hold on at any point.

Ladder climb

This test is to make sure you’re confident at working at height.

Ladder lift

A strength test to make sure you can lift a ladder. The ladder is approximately 30kg.

Casualty evacuation

Also known as a dummy drag, this will test your upper and lower strength. You’ll drag a 55kg dummy for 30 metres.

Confined space test

Making sure you’re not claustrophobic and have confidence manoeuvring through tight spaces while wearing equipment.

Equipment carry

This tests your aerobic fitness, strength and stamina. 

Equipment assembly

Also known as the manual dexterity test, here you will put a piece of equipment together using a step by step instructional guide.

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