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Is your vehicle road ready?

Tom Reed, an Engineer in our Fleet Workshops, in front of a red and yellow fire car.

This week, the Service is joining forces with road safety experts nationally for Brake’s Road Safety Week.

The theme for this year’s campaign is: Safe roads for all.

The Service has its own team, Fleet Workshops, that makes sure its own vehicles are safe to drive.

The team at Fleet Workshops has given their top tips to help make sure your vehicle is safe for the roads.

Tom Reed, Engineer at Fleet Workshops, Essex County Fire and Rescue Service said: “It's everyone's responsibility to keep their own vehicles safe and my top tips would be:

“Check your tyres regularly - once a week - with a tread depth gauge. 1.6 mm is the legal limit across three

quarters of the width of the tyre.

“You should also be checking the tyre pressure is to the manufacturer's standard, which is normally in your handbook.

“By checking your tyres regularly you can actually save money on keeping them pumped up.”

Tom’s next tip is to checki under the bonnet weekly to make sure you have enough oil, anti-freeze, screen wash etc.

“Make sure all your lights are working so you can see and be seen,” says Tom.

“Keep an eye on your dash for any warning lights and if there are any, get yourself to a workshop to get them checked out.”

With winter approaching, Tom also advises keeping a blanket, a hi-vis, some snacks and water and a phone charger in the vehicle in case you break down.

“Make sure your phone charger is in good condition and no bare wires are on show,” says Tom.

Tom and his team recommend you do these checks once a week as well as having your vehicle MOT’d and serviced yearly to help keep yourself and other road users safe.

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How to check your vehicle is winter ready

Fleet Workshops Engineer Tom Reed gives advice on how to check your vehicle is winter ready.

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