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Play your part to keep Essex safe during the heatwave

Fire Investigation Dog Fizz holding a bottle of water in her mouth

Essex County Fire and Rescue Service needs your help to prevent wildfires and water rescues as the weather finally starts to warm up. 

Last year, Essex had a relatively wet and cool summer which while bad news for BBQ season, it was a relief for local fire crews who remember the busy summer of 2022. 

In 2022, Essex County Fire and Rescue Service had its busiest summer on record with lots of wildfires and water rescues across the county. 

With the weather finally warming up, ECFRS is asking residents to play their part to help keep each other safe during the heatwave.

Andrea MacAlister, Head of Prevention at ECFRS said: “We’re really glad summer is finally here and we want everyone to enjoy it safely. It’s important to stay hydrated and check in on vulnerable family, friends and neighbours.

“You can play your part in preventing wildfires and protecting our beautiful countryside by disposing of litter properly, if you can’t find a bin, take it home. 

“Please avoid having campfires and using disposable BBQs as it only takes an ember to catch the tinder dry grass and vegetation alight when it’s hot and dry. If you’re a smoker, make sure to properly stub out cigarettes before discarding them.

“If you’re tempted to cool off in the water, don’t jump or dive straight in as you can quickly experience cold water shock which can be fatal. 

“If you’re swimming outside, stick together in case you need help and if you do find yourself struggling in the water, remember float to live. Extend your arms and legs out and float on your back until you’re able to swim to safety or shout for help.”

If you see a wildfire, get to a safe place and then call 999 and ask for the fire service.

The best way to help the team find your location is to use the what3words app, so get prepared and download it today!

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