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Fire Service and Guide Dogs charity partners to make visually impaired communities safer

Guide dogs training

In pursuit of creating a more inclusive and accessible service to the community, Essex County Fire and Rescue Service have teamed up with the Guide Dogs charity to learn valuable knowledge and skills to improve the wellbeing and safety of people with visual impairments.

The training session, which was conducted this week at the fire service’s headquarters in Kelvedon, Essex, will enhance the fire service’s home safety team who visit people in their homes to assess and offer fire safety advice.

Claire Monk, Live Safe Manger at Essex County Fire and Rescue Service said:

“It’s important that we recognise that people with any sensory loss will require different levels and type of support and advice in order to stay safe and well in their homes. Visual impairment can post unique challenges, not just in emergencies, but also in day-today tasks which may pose a fire risk at home.

“The training provided by Guide Dogs will empower the fire safety team with enhanced knowledge and practical skills to identify and mitigate fire risks specially for those with visual impairments.

A spokesperson for Guide Dogs said:

“We are delighted to be partnering with Essex County Fire and Rescue Service to deliver training we hope will enhance the safety and wellbeing of individuals with a visual impairment. 

“This partnership reflects a shared commitment to community safety and inclusivity, and we look forward to exchanging our skills and knowledge in order to create a positive impact on the lives of people with sight loss.”

VIDEO: Guide Dogs charity visit Fire HQ

We we delighted to welcome Guide Dogs to our HQ for specilist Sighted Guide Training.

Flair and YoYo...please come visit us again soon!

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