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Essex Fire Service reveals the correct way to dispose of old fire extinguishers

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Are you holding onto old fire extinguishers and don't know what to do with them? Essex County Fire and Rescue Service has revealed the correct way to recycle them.

In recent months, the Service has seen an increase in people leaving old fire extinguishers in front of fire stations or reaching out to ask what the best way is to recycle them.

Station Manager, Nick Singleton said: “We’d really appreciate the help of the public to dispose of old fire extinguishers in the right way. We cannot recycle them at our stations.

 “If you have small hand-held fire extinguishers from your own household, you can take these to most household recycling centres in Essex.

“However, commercial fire extinguishers commonly found in businesses, office blocks, schools, and shops will not be accepted there. You will need to arrange for a waste collection service to collect your old extinguishers.”

Nick explains the correct way to prepare the fire extinguisher before bringing it to a recycling centre.

“Before visiting a recycling centre, make sure the fire extinguisher is empty by squeezing the lever to so that no pressure remains inside. Remove the extinguisher head to make it apparent that it is not charged.”

The Service has advised residents to use Essex County Council’s online waste management website, which can locate recycling centres that accept fire extinguishers.

Nick added: “By following the correct guidance and using the designated recycling centres, we can make sure the safety of our community and protect the environment."

You can visit Essex County Council’s waste management website here:

If you are a business and need advice on disposing your waste, you can find more information here:

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