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Essex County Fire and Rescue Service urges motorists to park considerately

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Essex County Fire and Rescue Service (ECFRS) is urging motorists to take extra care when parking their vehicles, so they do not prevent fire engines from attending potentially life-threatening emergencies.

Over the last few months, the Service has experienced delays in travelling to incidents due to poor parking blocking vital access routes for fire engines.

Colchester, Harlow and Southend are some of the areas that have been flagged as hotspots for people parking their vehicles poorly.

Station Manager Nick Singleton said: “The safety of our communities is our top priority, and it is important that people understand the direct impact their parking choices can have on our ability to respond to incidents rapidly.

“Every second counts in an emergency, and blocking access routes can lead to potentially life-threatening delays.

“We’re asking everyone to check their surroundings before they leave their vehicle. Think - are you parked on a narrow road where emergency access is crucial or are you blocking a fire hydrant. If the answer is yes, then you need to move your vehicle.”  


Have you left enough room for larger vehicles to get through in an emergency?

Are you blocking a fire hydrant?

The average fire engine is 2.6 metres (nine feet) wide and 8 metres (26 feet) long - when you park your vehicle in a narrow street, always check you have left enough room for a fire engine to get past.

By parking sensibly, you play a vital role in supporting the Services mission to protect our communities in Essex.


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