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Essex County Fire and Rescue Service goes live with new Control system

Control Room Operators

Essex County Fire and Rescue Service has launched a brand new and modern Control system this week (27 June).

The new system, known as Guardian Command, will be used in the Control Room to manage response to incidents even faster and more effectively than ever before.

One of the benefits to the new system is that it will bring a more robust, all in one place for radio communications, mobilising and management system for audio recording.

The change to the new system comes with specialist new equipment and a video wall in the Control Room, which will assist with effective mobilisation and incident monitoring.

Provided by Airwave and Motorola, the system is already being used successfully by other UK Fire and Rescue Services, including Bedfordshire.

The team are looking forward to using a system which provides a foundation for improved resilience and ways of working.

Group Manager, Dan Partridge has been involved in the roll out of the new system. He said:

“Our control room is the heart of our operations and needs to be reliable so that every vital piece of information is captured and responded to as efficiently as possible, from the moment a call comes in.

“I’d like to thank our brilliant team of colleagues who have worked around the clock to get this in place before the summer demand.

“The new system will equip us with the highest standard of emergency response software available to protect our Essex communities.”

Roger Hirst, Police, Fire and Crime Commissioner for Essex has agreed the upgrade to the new system, as part of his drive to improve the efficiency of the Service and ensure staff and firefighters have the right equipment and technology to provide the best possible service to the public.

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