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Essex County Fire and Rescue Service call on Essex pubs and restaurants to become life-savers in new water rescue scheme

Daisy Pearson, ECFRS Water Safety Team

A new life-saving water rescue scheme has been launched in Essex to help tackle the number of tragic drowning deaths.

The Waterside Responder Scheme has been designed by the Royal National Lifeboat Institution (RNLI) to provide life-saving skills and equipment for businesses who are located near to water, particularly those who serve alcohol.

In partnership with the RNLI, Essex County Fire and Rescue Service (ECFRS) are offering this life-saving session which teaches basic skills and knowledge that will help them safely assist somebody in trouble in water, prior to the arrival of the fire service. The scheme is just one of many initiatives being delivered to make Essex a safer as part of the Essex Water Safety Forum.

During the session, participants are shown how to use a throw bag to pull people to safety. Throw bags are a rescue device which contains a rope which can be thrown to a person in water. The throw bags and the sessions are being provided completely free of charge.

Daisy Pearson from ECFRS’s Water Safety Team said: “Every year around 400 people drown in the UK. Many of these deaths could have been prevented if there had been quick response from someone who had the right skills and equipment to help.

“This is why we are calling for businesses in Essex who are near water to sign up for a free session. We believe many lives will be saved from this vital life-saving scheme”

Nick Ayers, RNLI Water Safety Lead North & East said:

‘It is great collaborating with Essex County Fire and Rescue Service to deliver the Waterside Responder programme. The program has already helped to save multiple lives across the country. Waterside businesses within the community will be able to get involved in the lifesaving initiative.

“The program includes advice on who to call if someone is in difficulty in the water, how to safely perform a rescue using a throw line and, most importantly, how to prevent such incidents in the first place by delivering a lifesaving message.

If you are a business located near an inland waterway and serve alcohol, you can book a session by contacting the Water Safety team at Essex County Fire and Rescue Service:



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