Roof fire

Firefighters were called to a roof fire in St Johns Crescent, Canvey yesterday afternoon after the resident saw a large amount of smoke coming from his extractor fan in the bathroom. 

On arrival, crews reported that the roof space of an end of terrace house was on fire. 

Crews worked to extinguish the fire from the loft and used an Aerial Ladder Platform to strip off parts of the roof to ventilate the area. 

Firefighters also worked to ventilate the loft space of the house next door to prevent smoke spreading throughout the two properties. 

Crews extinguished the fire and monitored hotspots throughout the evening.

The cause of the fire could not be determined but firefighters believe it was accidental. 

Station Manager Russ Freeman said: “Thankfully, the resident was home and was able to notice the smoke before the fire spread throughout the loft space and into next door. 

“Their smoke alarms were going off when we arrived and we’re reassured that had they not been home or they’d been asleep, their smoke alarms would have alerted them or neighbours to the fire. 

“We’d urge everyone to make sure you have at least one working smoke alarm on every level of your home and that you test them regularly. If you or someone you know doesn’t have working smoke alarms, we can fit them for free. Find out more here.” 

Incident number
St Johns Crescent, Canvey
4.20pm - 07 February 2024