Man rescued from flooded road

Firefighters are urging drivers to avoid driving through flooded roads after rescuing a man in Middle Street, Clavering this morning. 

On arrival, crews reported that a people carrier was stuck in 3ft of rising floodwater. 

Crews worked to rescue the man using a ladder.

Station Manager Kevin Jenner said: “We know there are lots of flooded roads across Essex today and we’d urge you not to risk driving through them. 

“It’s hard to tell how deep they are, especially as it starts to get dark and you’ll be risking your life and substantial damage to your vehicle if you drive through flood water. 

“If you come across a flooded road, turn around and find another route. It’s better to be five or ten minutes late than to not arrive at all.”

Incident number
Attending station
Middle Street, Clavering
9.17am - 02 November 2023