Lorry Fire

Firefighters were called to a lorry fire on the M25 at Lakeside at 4pm.

On arrival, crews reported that the cab of a lorry was on fire.

Crews worked to prevent the spreading from the cab to the trailer of the lorry.

Firefighters extinguished the fire by 4:35pm.

Station Manager Howard Midwood said: “Crews worked quickly to prevent the fire from spreading further into the lorry’s trailer.

"While the fire is out, there will be some disruption to the traffic while the lorry is recovered by our partners. If you can, please avoid the area while the lorry is recovered from the scene. Thank you for your patience.”

Incident number
Stations from other services
Wennington Fire Station (London Fire Brigade)
Attending station
M25, Lakeside
4.00pm - 09 March 2023