House fire

Crews were called to a house this morning after neighbours and a passer by noticed smoke and the smell of burning. 

On arrival firefighters quickly broke into the property, which was heavily smoke logged, and found a casualty on the other side of the door. 

Station Manager Russ Freeman said:

"Canvey Island's crew were the first on scene and were immediately faced with a very difficult situation; a developing fire and a casualty. 

"They did an incredible job of rescuing the casualty and bringing her outside to perform CPR until the paramedics arrived. 

"It's important to understand that when someone needs CPR the quality of the initial trauma care is most critical - our firefighters did an outstanding job under very difficult circumstances. They were then able to pass the care of the casualty over to paramedics who took her to hospital for further care."

Crews then brought the fire under control and stopped it spreading to any other buildings. They confirmed it was extinguished by 6.20am.

Update 5pm - The fire investigation is ongoing. At this stage the fire is believed to have started accidentally.




Incident number
Craven Avenue, Canvey Island
5.22am - 12 November 2023