Grease causes fire in pub kitchen

Firefighters have issued a warning to food establishments after a grease fire damaged a pub kitchen.

Crews were called to Clacton Road, Thorrington, on Wednesday night after a staff member called to report a fire in a commercial kitchen.

While on the phone the staff member told control officers he was attempting to tackle the fire himself. The control officer told the man to get out and stay out to stop putting himself in danger.

On arrival firefighters quickly surrounded the fire, which had started when flames from cooking caught alight to a greasy extractor fan.

As the fire had spread up the extractor fan to the roof, firefighters then needed to take parts of the roof off to make sure everything was extinguished and safe.

Watch Manager Simon Tarrant, Clacton Fire Station, said:

“Thankfully this man and the pub’s customers were unhurt, but I must stress, wherever you are if you discover a fire you must get out, stay out and call 999. Attempting to tackle a fire yourself is dangerous and not worth the risk.

“This is a reminder to anyone who runs a commercial kitchen to keep it clean. Grease is extremely flammable and one flame from cooking can cause a fire which can then spread rapidly, ruining your business in seconds.

“Take the time to clean down your kitchen regularly. These kinds of fires can cause extensive damage but can often be avoided.”

The kitchen and roof above have suffered smoke and fire damage and will need to be repaired before they can be used again.

Incident number
Attending station
Clacton Road, Thorrington
8.56pm - 17 May 2023