Garage fire

Firefighters were called to a garage fire in Old Nazeing Road, Nazeing last night. 

On arrival, crews reported a garage attached to a detached house was on fire and was spreading to the roof of the garage. 

Crews worked with colleagues from Hertfordshire Fire and Rescue Service to extinguish the fire by 10:40pm. 

The garage was destroyed and the house suffered smoke damage.

Firefighters believe the fire was caused by a fault in a boiler. 

Watch Manager Steve Allan from Harlow Fire Station said: “Because the residents had closed the internal doors between the garage and the house as well as the doors inside their house, the doors contained the fire and smoke. This prevented significant damage by preventing the fire spreading throughout the house. 

“We recommend you keep your doors closed as a habit. By doing so, you can help prevent fires spreading.”


Incident number
Stations from other services
Cheshunt (Hertfordshire Fire and Rescue Service)
Attending station
Old Nazeing Road, Nazeing 
8.38pm - 11 September 2023