Crews extinguish roof fire at converted barn

Crews extinguished a roof fire at a converted barn in High Easter.

We were called to Barnston Road today (18 June) at 6.06pm and crews from Chelmsford (two), Basildon and Newport attended.

The roof of a single storey property, measuring approximately 20 metres by 10 metres, was about 50% alight.

Watch Manager Mark Curtis said: "The occupant had been using a blow torch to burn leaves. He had finished and gone inside but a stray spark had started a fire in the roof. Thankfully a passer-by saw the smoke a raised the alarm.

"We would urge residents to be really careful when using blow torches or weed burners, particularly in dry conditions.

"I'd like to praise crews who worked hard to get the fire under control, stop if from spreading to the adjacent building and dampen down." 

Crews, including on-call firefighters from Newport who were doing Breathing Apparatus training at Chelmsford Fire Station when we received the call, extinguished the fire by 8.14pm.

The property suffered extensive damage from water, fire and smoke.

Incident number
Attending station
Barnston Road, High Easter
6.06pm - 18 June 2024