Control staff rescue lost dog following road traffic collision

Essex County Fire and Rescue Service's (ECFRS) control staff made their own rescue last night following a road traffic collision. 

The team provides a vital service by answering 999 calls and organsing resources across the county to make sure the right response reaches the right people in an emergency.

However, they aren't usually the ones to provide the rescue themselves. 

The incident started after firefighters were called to the A12 following a road traffic collision where a car overturned, trapping the driver. Two dogs were in the car at the time and managed to escape, running off from the scene. 

Coincidently, the collision had happed directly outside the entrance to ECFRS's headquarters, where White Watch Control Staff were working.

As they continued to take calls and organise the rescue they realised one of the dogs was outside and quickly went to rescue it, bringing it inside and keeping it safe until someone was able to collect it. 

Watch Manager Emma Polley said:

"It was such a coincidence that the road traffic collision happened so close to our control room and that the dog made its way over. 

"We're a team of dog lovers so to be able to help and keep him safe until his owner was able to collect him really made our night. 

"Unfortunately there was a second dog who got loose. We did see him running around our car park at about 2.30am this morning but he was too fast for us and ran away again.

"We urge anyone in the area to keep an eye out - he's a medium size white dog and we think someone may have seen him at around 3.30am this morning in Kelvedon Village."

The casualty of the road traffic collision was released by firefighters and left in the care of the Ambulance Service. 

Update Tuesday 31 January, 10.30am:

The second dog has now been found and reunited with its owner thanks to the power of social media.



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9.40pm - 30 January 2023