Air fryer left on hob catches fire

Crews have urged residents to make sure their hobs are clear after a kitchen fire in Hutton today.

We were called to a mid-terrace house in Birkbeck Road at 9.51am when the occupant heard a smoke alarm and discovered a fire in the kitchen. 

Firefighters from Brentwood and Basildon found the ground floor kitchen filled with smoke and extinguished a small fire on the hob.

Station Manager Nick Singleton said: "The electric cooker had been turned on accidentally and set fire to an air fryer which had been left on the hob.

"Thankfully, there was a working smoke alarm in the kitchen so the occupants were able to get out safely and call 999.

"Crews did a fantastic job of quickly extinguishing the fire and clearing the smoke."

Station Manager Singleton said it was the second incident he has attended in recent days where items left on a hob have caught fire.

He said: "Please keep your hob clear if you’re not using it. It is easier than you might think for a pet or child to inadvertently turn on a hob and the results can be devastating. 

"Also, check your cooker is turned off before you leave the house

“This incident highlights the importance of having working smoke alarms too; they act as an early warning and mean we can limit the damage to your home." 

Crews left the scene at 10.24am.

Incident number
Attending station
Birkbeck Road, Hutton
9.51am - 07 February 2024