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Essex County Fire and Rescue Service has launched the Think Sprinkler Strategy which will see the Service working to promote the use and adoption of sprinkler systems.

In the past few years, ECFRS has worked hard and successfully on fire prevention and protection work, particularly aimed at the most vulnerable in the community.

We are providing many home fire safety visits across the county and fire safety education, particularly schools and groups representing those most at risk.

We see the promotion of sprinklers as the next step not only in protecting vulnerable people but also in protecting businesses and the vital community infrastructure.

There is overwhelming evidence that the risk to human life in fires can be minimised through the installation of automatic water suppression systems.

The Service has pledged £250,000 to help make sure that the homes where the most vulnerable people live are protected by sprinkler systems.

The £250,000 will be used to provide match funding to fit sprinkler systems and protect the most vulnerable people in the County. The funding is available to Local Authorities, Housing Associations and Charities. Those at highest risk will be given priority access to the fund.

Applications can be made to the Service. A desktop assessment indicates sprinklers are an appropriate solution and the current position warrants further investigation then an ECFRS Fire Engineer will visit to assess suitability for the fitting of sprinklers.

If the Fire Engineer’s report and the application is approved you will be informed in writing of how much you will be awarded. The maximum award will be 50% of the cost. Grants will be paid within 30 days of a final inspection by ECFRS to ensure that the system is installed to the correct standard.

Use the form on this page to apply for match funding.

There are many myths around sprinklers including those around cost. It’s a widely held belief that it is too expensive to retrofit sprinklers which is simply not true.

Another myth is that sprinklers will go off by accident and flood your premises - in fact you have more chance of winning the lottery than having an accidental sprinkler actuation.

What is a fact is that there has never been any multiple loss of life due to fire in a fully sprinklered building.

Click here view or download the The Sprinkler Brochure.

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