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Smoke Alarms

Smoke alarms are proven life savers. They give warning at the first sign of fire, waking you and your family up and giving everyone the time they need to get safely out and call the fire service.

Essex County Fire and Rescue Service wants to ensure that every single home in Essex has the excellent protection smoke alarms offer and will visit any home in Essex and fit smoke alarms completely FREE of charge.

What a home safety visit involves:

  • Identifying and making you aware of the potential fire risks in your home
  • Making sure you know what to do in order to reduce or prevent these risks
  • Helping you put together an escape plan in case a fire breaks out in the future
  • Ensuring you have a working smoke alarm and if you don't, we will fit a FREE ten year smoke alarm. 

To arrange your home safety visit, or if you know anyone who would benefit from a visit, please contact us:

Call us: 0300 303 0088
Complete our online form

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