Essex County Fire and Rescue Service


January 2017

23.01.2017 | Response to BBC Essex story re: CFO David Johnson

A spokesperson for Essex Fire Authority said:

“It is important to note that the report which has been shared with the BBC is not the only piece of evidence in the investigation into David Johnson which will be considered by the Fire Authority in a few weeks’ time.

“Legal representatives on both sides are working hard to draw matters to a conclusion, which is in the interests of everyone concerned, including Essex taxpayers.

“This investigation has taken longer than anyone would like to progress toward a solution, but Fire Authority does have a responsibility to ensure that the due process is followed when serious issues involving a statutory officer come to light and that proceedings are fair. This is as much to protect David Johnson’s rights and position as our own. Mr Johnson’s suspension is a neutral act, and so he is entitled to his salary during this period.”


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