Essex County Fire and Rescue Service


February 2017

27.02.2017 | BBC Essex - David Johnson

A spokesperson for Essex Fire Authority said:

“Progress continues to be made regarding this situation. We are committed to ensure that the process remains robust, thorough, independent and fair, and fully complies with the law in relation to statutory officers. This is to protect David Johnson’s rights and position as well as our own.
“Essex Fire Authority is not in a position or able to comment further on confidential business such as this.”


3.02.2017 | BBC News – Smoke alarms “fail to wake children”

We welcome any improvements that help keep residents and families safer in their homes, and will be keeping a close eye on this important research.

It's important that you have a working smoke alarm on every floor of your home. 

Preparing an escape plan is also critical. Practice it and make sure that your escape routes are always completely clear. When going to bed, close all doors that are part of your escape route.

In light of the research, this must account for waking children living in your home.

Just a few minutes spent planning your escape route now and sharing it with your family could be the most valuable time you have ever spent.

We are committed to ensuring 100% of homes in Essex have a working smoke alarm.

We carry out home safety visits to anyone living in Essex, completely FREE of charge.

Call us: 0300 303 0088 or visit here:

16.02.2017 | PCC Consultation

Essex Fire Authority and ECFRS have been supporting the development of the Police and Crime Commissioner draft local business case for joint governance of police and fire. This, and the PCC public consultation proposal, was presented at February’s Essex Fire Authority meeting.
The 12-week public consultation has been prepared by, and is owned by the PCC. The Fire Authority is supporting the PCC consultation and its approach.


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