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Waltham Abbey Fire Station converts to an on-call fire station

Waltham Abbey Fire Station has taken its next step to becoming an on-call fire station, thanks to the support of the local community and the commitment of staff at the station.

Currently the station sees firefighters respond from home during evenings and weekends.

As of 1 August, it will become an on-call station, meaning firefighters will respond from home or work at all times. A number of wholetime firefighters will also support the transition while some of the station's newer on-call firefighters continue their training. 

Station Manager Dave Bond said: “We’ve seen some really successful recruitment campaigns recently, which have resulted in more on-call firefighters joining our station. We now have 17 in our team with one more firefighter due to join later in the year.

“This success wouldn’t have been possible without the support of our local community - they are the ones who have stepped forward to apply to become on-call firefighters and play a part in protecting the local area.

“The additional support from our existing colleagues will also ensure we will maintain the same level of protection for the Waltham Abbey area.

“We’re still encouraging people to join us, so if you or anyone you know is interested please visit our website for more information.”

Around 75% of fire stations in Essex are crewed by on-call firefighters; people who live or work within five minutes of the fire station. They respond when they are called to an incident and are paid for the time they give.

Are you interested in becoming an on-call firefighter? Visit

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