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Thumbs up mobiles down: My Red Thumb Day 2018

The Safer Essex Roads Partnership is supporting My Red Thumb Day on May 10, 2018, by encouraging road-users to post selfies of their red thumbs on Facebook.

The national campaign day aims to reduce road collisions by encouraging as many people as possible to stop using their mobile phone whilst driving.

Andy Stroulger, Essex County Fire and Rescue’s Road Traffic Collision Reduction Manager, said:
“Drivers are four times more likely to crash when using a mobile phone whist driving, yet we still see drivers continue to text, phone, tweet and even take photos while driving.
“The My Red Thumb campaign gets people to take a moment to recognise and reassess their behaviour.
“By painting your thumb nail red or wearing a red thumb ring you’ll realise how many times you’re tempted to pick up your phone while driving.
“Drivers who are distracted by their phone risk a collision with potentially fatal consequences which could change their life, and the lives of others, forever. Your reaction time is likely to be slower, you're more likely to drift across lanes and you're less aware of what's going on around you.  You're less likely to check the mirrors for other vehicles there, so you're at a much greater risk of having an accident”
“There is no excuse to use your phone while you’re driving – whatever you need to do can always wait; nothing is as important as your safety.”

For more information on the campaign visit or follow the conversation on social media by dearching for #myredthumb and #thumbsupmobilesdown


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