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Student Isabel awarded certificate by fire service

Last week Essex County Fire and Rescue Service Fire Officer Mark Earwicker went to Southend High School for Girls to present 12 year old Isabel Skirrow with a certificate for her actions when a fire broke out at her home.

Isabel was home alone when she noticed strange things happening in the flat. The lights were flickering,  the TV turned itself off, and she could also feel a strange vibration through the floor.

Knowing something wasn’t right, Isobel went to the lobby where she could also start to smell smoke. She alerted her neighbour who came to her flat and confirmed that something was not right. They called 999 and asked for the fire service. Isabel also alerted neighbours living in the flats above.

When firefighters arrived they had to search high and low for the source of the smoke and called the Electricity Board to help. While the firefighters were in the flat searching there was an explosion under the floor which lifted the floorboards in the bedroom. The fire burst through the floor, but was luckily quickly extinguished by the firefighters. The cause of the fire was found to be a faulty electrical supply which had damaged the gas pipe which then caused a gas leak which had been ignited.

When our Fire Investigator Mark Earwicker arrived, Isabel re-told the whole sequence of events, which helped Mark put the pieces of the puzzle together.

Mark said:

“Isabel was able to give me a complete and accurate account of what had happened. She showed a remarkable maturity for a young girl of her age.

"Isabel was alone at the time, but she ensured everyone in her building was alerted to the situation and was safe evacuated outside.

"She should be very proud of herself for the way she calmly dealt with the situation and made sure everyone was safe”.


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