Essex County Fire and Rescue Service


Staying safe at V Festival

Essex County Fire and Rescue Service is urging V Festival goers to follow some simple safety tips to make sure that they stay happy campers throughout the weekend.

Fire crews will be on site throughout the festival providing operational response and the Community Safety Team and Road Traffic Collision (RTC) Reduction Unit will be in the Village area talking to festival goers about safety over the weekend.

Head of Community Safety Neil Fenwick said: “V Festival is an event that is recognised nationwide, and we want to make sure that everyone attending has a brilliant and safe time. This is why we are urging festival goers to follow a few simple tips to make sure they stay safe this weekend.

“Tents catch fire very easily and burn very quickly, a fire can destroy a tent in less than 60 seconds.

“Tents can also trap deadly carbon monoxide gas from a barbecue or badly adjusted camping stove or light. No one should ever take a barbecue into a tent.

“Carelessly discarded cigarette ends can easily start a fire so it is vitally important that smokers extinguish their cigarettes completely and dispose of the butts properly.

Above all, always follow site safety advice and safety information from the organisers.”

Here are some simple safety tips from ECFRS:

• Don't pitch your tent on the emergency access lanes in the campsite - they are there for your safety
• Put cigarettes and other smoking materials out properly
• Never throw cigarette ends out of car windows - they could start a fire and endanger lives
• Never smoke in your tent.
• Gas/LPG camping stove are NOT permitted. However, you may bring a small portable BBQ tray into red and yellow campsites at Hylands Park
• If you are using a disposable BBQ, keep them well away from your tent and those surrounding you
• Don’t bring your smouldering BBQ into your tent, Carbon Monoxide is a killer
• Ensure your BBQ is cool before attempting to move it
• Never leave your BBQ unattended
• Follow the safety instructions provided with disposable barbecues
• Don't be tempted to drink alcohol if you plan to drive home.

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