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Sprinklers to be installed at seven housing estates in Basildon

Essex County Fire and Rescue Service has contributed funding for the installation of sprinkler systems throughout seven housing estates in Basildon.  


Since 2013, the fire service has part-funded and supported the retrofitting of sprinklers in a number of high risk premises in Essex. 


The latest match-funding project has been agreed for sprinklers to be installed at all properties in the seven housing estates in the Felmores area of Basildon. 


Basildon Council have been awarded £70,000 from the fire service’s sprinkler fund to match-fund their projects.  


Area Manager Jim Palmer from Essex County Fire and Rescue Service said:  


“It’s fantastic that Basildon Council are taking on this large project to fit sprinklers in every home in seven of their housing estates, and we’re pleased that with our help their residents will have the best fire protection equipment available. 


“Sprinklers are a reliable and cost-effective way of stopping fires from growing and spreading. In most cases, they actually put them out completely.” 


Director of Housing and Property at Basildon Council Lesley O’Shea said:  


“We are delighted to have received £70,000 funding from Essex County Fire and Rescue Service for our sprinkler project on the Felmores estate. I would like to thank them for this contribution which will help improve fire safety on the estate.” 


Did you know? 

There is a common belief that if a fire starts in a property that has sprinklers fitted, that every sprinkler head will activate, flooding a property. 


This is untrue. Individual sprinkler heads will only activate when the room temperature reaches a certain point. The heads operate as individual heat sensors – water is only released in the area where there is a fire. 


In 60% of cases, fires are controlled by the spray from four sprinklers or fewer. Firefighters often use 15 times more water from hoses to do the same job as a sprinkler does alone. 


For more information on the fire service’s sprinkler fund click here. 

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