Essex County Fire and Rescue Service


Safety advice for driving in heavy rain

Essex County Fire and Rescue Service is warning drivers to take extra care on the roads following forecasted heavy rain in Essex.

Jim Palmer, Assistant Director, Head of Prevention and Protection said: "Driving in wet conditions can be dangerous especially after a spell of hot weather as grime and oil builds up on the roads to make it much more slippery. It's always better to avoid driving in heavy rain, but if you do have to head our on the roads, please take extra care and follow our safety advice: 

Driving during heavy rain

  • Allow extra time for your journey as you may need to find an alternative route if the roads are flooded/closed
  • Don’t use cruise control in wet weather, the chance of losing control increases. To prevent loss of traction the driver may need to lift off the accelerator and reduce speed. This cannot be achieved if cruise control is engaged
  • Turn your headlights on to increase your visibility
  • Give yourself the best chance of being able to see clearly in wet weather by renewing windscreen wipers if worn or damaged
  • Stopping distances are greatly increased when the roads are wet, so make sure you increase the distance between you and the car in front. 
  • Do not brake suddenly
  • If you come across a flooded road, simply do not take the risk. You can not know exactly how deep the flooded area is, and what the condition of the roads is under the water. You will not only ruin your car, but you'll put yourself in danger too.

Jim said: "We work in partnership with the Safer Essex Roads Partnership and are committed to making the roads of Essex safer to travel so we are urging everyone to take our advice and stay safe on the roads."

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