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Pride Month - The meaning behind the LGBTQ+ flag

This pride month, Essex County Fire and Rescue Service is proudly sharing the LGBTQ+ flag and the Service’s LGBTQ+ support network chair has explained the meaning behind the flag.

This year, ECFRS is sharing the Progress Flag during pride month which encompasses the rainbow as well as stripes for the transgender community and stripes for the black, Asian and minority ethnic (BAME) communities.

You can watch Matt talk about the meaning behind the flag here.

Matt Hill, Chair of BEING, the Service’s LGBTQ+ staff support group, said: “The reason for adopting a new flag is, not only to distinguish between the use of the rainbow as a symbol of support for the NHS during the Covid-19 pandemic, but also to represent the changing times our of communities and what the world is going through.

“While retaining the common rainbow as a base, the progress flag adds a chevron to the left hand side of the flag featuring light blue, pink and white stripes to bring the transgender flag together with the rainbow and black and brown stripes to represent our black, Asian and minority ethnic LGBTQ+ communities. The arrow points to the right to show that progress still needs to be made.

“The flag shows the importance of demonstrating the intersectionality of people, that diversity runs through each other and crosses over. Visibility in supporting current issues gives people strength that they are not alone and recognition is given to their struggles – so we understand that the world isn’t quite there yet, oppression and discrimination is still a very real part of people’s lives across the world and we stand united.”

BEING is one of many staff support groups in Essex County Fire and Rescue Service and will be promoting virtual pride celebrations for staff to celebrate throughout June.

The group supports ECFRS employees through peer support, mentoring and social networking to help create an LGBTQ+ friendly working environment.

It also aims to increase an understanding of LGBTQ+ issues within ECFRS, raise awareness of LGBTQ+ events and visibly show support to all members of the LGBTQ+ community and their allies.

Page last updated 5 June 2020

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