Essex County Fire and Rescue Service


Meet Georgina

Control Room Operator Georgina Trowson has been in the Service’s Control Room for three years.

She joined the Service after moving across the county, having worked at Brentwood Go Karting track.

“I loved the job at the go kart track and it was really fun and busy, which I why I wanted a busy job in the fire service,” says Georgina, “it’s a worthy organisation to work for, does important work, varied work and quite interesting.”

Before joining the Control Room team, Georgina worked in other departments across the Service for three years, something she says has aided her in her role.

“I like that I’ve had experience elsewhere before I came to control, it gives me a broader spectrum of knowledge and you get to know the different teams in the Service.”

Although she has three years’ experience under her belt, she still feels new in comparison to some of the longest serving Control Room Operators who have been in the role for almost 30 years.

“Even though some people have been here 30 years and others one year, we all work really well as a team,” says Georgina, “and there’s a lot to be said about that, there’s not a high staff turnover here. It’s a great place to work.

“Whether you’ve been here 30 years or 30 seconds, we all gel as a team. We’re all different personalities, mums and dad, single or married, we all bring different things that help us work well together.”

Georgina loves how the role keeps her busy, she says: “I like the variety – not just in what calls we receive and the incidents we go to but in each shift where we have a different role. Be that call taking, radio dispatch or training.

“We get to be involved debriefs and training, my colleague and I have just been with Colchester firefighters on an Aerial Ladder Platform exercise at Colchester castle, it’s great to learn more about the resources we deploy.”

Georgina’s advice to the public when calling the Service is to stay calm and give as much detail as possible so the right resources can be dispatched.

“We want to maintain the caller’s safety, reassure them to keep them calm in whatever situation they are in and it’s really important we get as much relevant info from a call.

“We don’t automatically know where you are. If you don’t know where you are, look for landmarks that would help us in locating them.”

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