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Hundreds made safer thanks to fire-funded sprinkler projects

Hundreds of people in Southend and Basildon are now safer than ever in their homes, thanks to sprinklers that have been part-funded by Essex County Fire and Rescue Service.

In total, five properties in Southend and high-rise block of flats in Basildon have been fitted with the life-saving devices.

South Essex Homes were awarded £74,000 and Basildon Borough Council were awarded £50,000 from the fire service’s sprinkler fund to match fund their projects.

The money has been used to provide fire suppression systems into the buildings. The systems work by suppressing fires.

The installation of these extra devices demonstrates the fire service’s commitment to making Essex a safer place to live, work and travel.

Chief Fire Officer/Chief Executive Jo Turton, said:

“Sprinklers are a reliable and cost-effective way of stopping fires from growing and spreading.

“In most cases, they actually put them out completely, so we’re really pleased that all of these homes have had them installed and even more pleased that we’ve been able to help fund these life-saving systems.”

The sprinklers were fitted within the following properties:
•    Ravenscourt Court, Basildon
•    Chaucer House, Southend
•    Hostel in Trinity Road, Southend
•    Two hostels in Valkyrie Road, Southend
•    Hostel in Chancellor Road, Southend

Essex County Fire and Rescue Service’s sprinkler fund more info:


Last updated: 24 April 2019

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