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Halstead homes for the elderly given excellent fire protection

Twenty homes for the elderly have had sprinkler systems fitted to protect them from fire, thanks to funding from Essex County Fire and Rescue Service.

The fire service has been working with local charity ‘Courtauld Homes of Rest’ to fit the fire protection systems to all of their 20 homes in Hedingham Road, Halstead. The charity provide housing for local residents past retirement age who have lived or worked in Halstead for 25 years or more.

The sprinkler systems work automatically, so if a fire breaks out the system sprays water into the affected room to contain and extinguish the fire.

Acting Chief Fire Office Adam Eckley said:

“Simply put, sprinklers offer the best fire protection available. They prevent fires from spreading by containing them to the room where they break out and often will completely extinguish a fire almost immediately.

“They are also proven life savers, there are no recorded cases of multiple fire deaths in premises where sprinklers are fitted.

“It is fantastic that Courtauld Homes of Rest have taken these steps to protect their residents, and we are pleased that with our help these homes now have the best fire protection available.”

Tony Shelton, Chairman of the Courtaulds Homes of Rest, said:

“We’d like to thank Essex County Fire and Rescue Service for their advice and joint-funding for this special project which has seen all of our 20 homes fitted with sprinkler systems. The welfare of our residents is very important to us, so we are delighted that they all have the excellent fire protection systems to keep them safe.”

A common myth with sprinkler systems is that they might be triggered accidentally, but in fact that you are more likely to win the lottery than for the system to accidentally activate. Its is often wrong reported that they are unslightly and obtrusive, but as your can see from these photos, you can hardly see them at all.

Sprinkler systems can be fitted in any type of building; businesses, schools, flats and homes. Find out more about sprinklers and how they can protect your property from fire on the fire service’s website here:


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