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Gas Safety Week 2020

It’s Gas Safety Week and with many people relying on gas to cook and keep their home warm, Essex County Fire and Rescue Service is giving advice to help people stay safe.

Below are ten tips from the Service and the Gas Safe Register to keep you safe at home:

  1. Always use a Gas Safe registered engineer to install or repair gas appliances in your home. You can find a reputable engineer at or call 0800 408 5500.
  2. Before letting the gas engineer into your home, double check both sides of their ID to ensure they are suitably qualified.
  3. Make sure all gas appliances in your home are regularly serviced and checked each year. If you rent your home, you can ask your landlord for a copy of the Gas Safety Record.
  4. Make sure your home has a working carbon monoxide alarm. An audible alarm will alert you when carbon monoxide levels are present.
  5. Know the signs of carbon monoxide poisoning - headaches, dizziness, breathlessness, nausea, collapse and loss of consciousness. If you experience any of these symptoms and suspect it could be carbon monoxide poisoning, seek medical advice immediately.
  6. Check your gas appliances are working properly. If you notice they are not working as usual, get them checked out by an engineer. Never attempted to fix gas appliances yourself.
  7. Make sure vents and chimneys are clear. Do not block vents in your home as they are there to make sure gas appliances burn properly. Make sure your chimney is swept regularly to prevent a build up of soot.
  8. Only use gas appliances for their intended purpose, for example don’t use a gas cooker to heat a room.
  9. Know what to do in an emergency. Visit the Gas Safe Register website for advice on different scenarios:
  10. Share this advice with your friends and family to help keep your community safe.

To find a Gas Safer registered engineer in your area, visit:

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