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Free business engagement event to support on-call firefighter recruitment

Essex County Fire and Rescue Service (ECFRS) is inviting businesses owners to a free networking and business engagement event at its Headquarters.

The event is aimed at supporting ECFRS’ drive in working with the community to recruit on-call firefighters.

On-call firefighters have everyday lives and jobs until their pager sounds; then they immediately make their way to the fire station to become a firefighter on the front line saving lives.

Many of the county’s on-call firefighters are in full time employment, either self-employed or with a local business, and have an agreement in place which temporarily releases them to attend a fire call.

Both the employee and the employer benefit from the range of skills an on-call firefighter brings to a business.

The commitment made by on-call firefighters and their employers is key to keeping our communities safe and ECFRS is always looking for ways to improve the way they do things.

The business engagement event takes place between 8.30am – 2pm on Wednesday 1 May and is for both business owners that currently employ on-call firefighters and businesses that are interested in supporting the on-call programme in the future.

During the event you’ll hear from businesses who currently employ on-call firefighters and take part in discussions about the rewards and challenges it brings.

There will also be an opportunity to network with other businesses and meet ECFRS Chief Fire Officer/Chief Executive Jo Turton and Assistant Chief Fire Officer Dave Bill.

To find out more and register for the event visit: or contact

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