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Firefighter raises almost £3,000 for children's cancer charity

Steve Bonsor, Crew Manager at South Woodham Ferrers, should have been running the London Marathon on 26 April.

He has put in hundreds of hours of training, overcome a major injury setback after tearing his calf and has raised nearly £3,000 for Children with Cancer UK...only for the event to be postponed due to the coronavirus.

But Steve is determined to complete his first ever marathon, at the age of 44, when the event (hopefully) goes ahead on 4 October.

He said: "After coming through a major setback with my calf tear on New Year's Eve, I was pretty gutted to not be plodding around Canary Wharf, realising I'm an awful runner and asking myself 'why on earth did I sign up for this?'.

"My Strava feed is a mess of woeful running times, me moaning, pictures of missing toenails, blisters and my leg held together with various strips of tape. Generally, I'd take a few hours in the pub over hours out running.”

"Training has been going OK. The biggest issue has been listening to the physio’s advice; slowing down and cutting back the training in order to avoid a re-tear.  Plus, the coronavirus has also given me the added hindrance of no more ‘hands on’ physio/treatment.”

He hopped on the treadmill to take part in the one-hour "Together as One Challenge" for Children With Cancer UK, his chosen charity, in lieu of the race on 26 April.

Why did you decide to run the London Marathon?

“When I first talked about entering the marathon, friends and family laughed. People said I’m not a runner. I was told I couldn’t do it. When I tore my calf while out on a run and was sidelined for 10 weeks, the same laughter came once again…but I am still running.”

Why have you chosen Children with Cancer UK?

"I have two beautiful kids. I have friends and family affected by cancer. It is your worse fear as a parent to have something awful happen to your children, so I would like to think the money I am raising will help other families going through the most horrendous of times.”

Have you got a target time?

“Injury has meant the dream of breaking the four-hour mark has gone. In fact, as it stands I would quite happily take just beating the fella who walks the route in a deep sea diver outfit!”

How is the fundraising going?

"Many thanks to those that have already sponsored me, supported me, given me some hilarious banter at my expense - it really is all welcome and keeps me motivated/smiling.

"I have already raised £2,700 for the charity, so please help me to smash the £3,000 mark."

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