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Firefighter Paul Dibble commended for life-saving actions while off duty

Firefighter Paul Dibble from Blue Watch, Grays Fire Station, has received a Chief Fire Officer Commendation following the life-saving actions he carried out earlier this year. 

In Februrary Paul stopped while off duty to assist at a serious collision involving a bus and a pedestrian, at the junction of Stanley and Clarence Road in Grays.

Little did Paul know at the time of the incident that he was helping to save the life of 21-year-old, Amy Jones, whose mum and dad are both former Essex County Fire and Rescue (ECFRS) employees Mike Jones (retired Firefighter) and Alison Jones (former Control Operator).

Chief Fire Officer Rick Hylton visited Grays Fire Station on Monday, 5 September, to present the special award to Paul, with his family and members of Blue Watch alongside, and with special guest Amy Jones, who thanked Paul for saving her life.

Amy's dad, retired Firefighter Mike Jones said: "Amy suffered horrendous injuries and appeared to be dead on the ground. Off duty Firefighter Paul Dibble was in a passing vehicle and stopped to offer assistance. He immediately performed lifesaving procedures which got Amy breathing and cleared her throat.

"Without his actions Amy would no longer be with us.  She suffered a fractured skull, severe facial injuries and broken bones in her back. After two weeks in hospital she made a good recovery and although was still in some discomfort at that time.

Mike added: "This has been an emotional and stressful time for our family and the outcome could have been the very worst, but thanks to Paul we have our daughter.

"We never imagined that a firefighter would be so instrumental in saving our daughter’s life."

Firefighter Paul Dibble said: "I’m just so pleased to see Amy looking so well and back to herself.

"If it wasn't for the trauma training we receive from our Service, I know the outcome may have become very different.

"We have a close relationship with the East of England Ambulance Service in Grays and incident has prompted us to undertake joint Charity events together."

CFO Rick Hylton said: "It was a great honour to present Paul with his award. He has shown what an asset our firefighters are in their communities, even when off duty. His quick thinking, calm actions, and medical training undoubtedly saved Amy’s life that day. Well done Paul."

As one final remarkable link to Grays Fire Station, former firefighter Lee Burling was the pilot of the Helicopter Emergency Medical Service (HEMS) helicopter that attended the incident.

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