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Fire crew sends message to badly parked drivers

Thoughtless drivers in Saffron Walden are continually parking in front of the fire station - potentially putting resident's lives at risk.
The fire station, which is located on Hill Street, has seen several incidences in the last two weeks of drivers parking on the 'keep clear' and double yellow lines which run along the front of the building.
The crew have made a public plea on social media for drivers to think about where they park.
They said: "Please be considerate when parking your cars. Twice recently vehicles have parked across the Fire Station entrance making it almost impossible for us to attend fire calls. Vehicles blocking us in will be reported to the Police."
The problem has been seen county wide, and is not just limited to parking outside stations but careless parking in streets, often making it difficult for fire engines to pass through gaps.
ADO Kevin Haywood, Station Manager at Saffron Walden Fire Station, said:
"We don't believe that anyone wants to delay us when we are called to an incident, but people often don't think about how their parking affects our response. They might only plan to be parked somewhere for a few minutes, but that few minutes could make all the difference."
In addition to parking outside the front of the station the crew have asked that taxis and delivery drivers avoid parking in the station yard.
ADO Haywood added:
"By keeping the station yard completely free it will guarantee space for our on-call firefighters to park when they are called out from home or work to attend emergencies.
"Many local people are not aware the station is crewed by fellow community members who drop everything at a moment’s notice to help, protect and save the lives of their neighbours.
"Our overall message to the public is to think about where and how you park, and how your actions could potentially put people’s lives at risk."
Saffron Walden is one of the 27 on-call fire stations currently recruiting on-call firefighters. If you live or work within five minutes of the station and are interested in finding out more visit

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