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Fire Service staff record selfie-style home fire safety video

Staff from Essex County Fire and Rescue Service have come together to share home fire safety advice and help Essex residents stay safe at home. 

With the risk of fire increasing when people spend more time at home, staff from the Service wanted to has created a short video to remind residents of easy to follow fire safety advice.

From kitchen safety, to testing smoke alarms, the video outlines some of the ways residents can prevent a fire in their home. 

Head of Community Safety Andrea MacAlister said:

"After seeing that outdoor fires doubled in March and that house fires were also higher than this time last year we were keen to continue our safety messages and embrace new ways of engaging with our public.

"All of our staff, operational and support, work tirelessly to spread our safety messages and help people to stay safe in their homes. 

"We hope this video not only spreads our safety messages but gives people an insight into the different types of people at our Service all working to one common goal - to make Essex a safe place to live, work and travel."

VIDEO: Watch the full fire safety advice video, featuring staff from across Essex County Fire and Rescue Service..

For more home fire safety advice, visit: 

Page last updated 10 May, 2020

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