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Fire Service shares what fitness means to colleagues

It’s National Fitness Day and Essex County Fire and Rescue Service staff are sharing what fitness means to them.

The Service’s Fitness Team are using the day to talk about about why fitness is important to them as well as promoting  their fitness advice for others on their Instagram page: @ecfrs_fitness.

Clare Smith, Fitness Manager said: “ Fitness is a major part of my life. Whether it’s getting out for a run, walk, strength training or yoga, it’s about time for me looking after my mental and physical health.

“I am a much happier and productive person when I perform my daily exercise, plus it helps give me energy to keep up with my kids.”

Matt Norris, Fitness Advisor said: “To me, fitness means enjoyment and health. Whether it’s enjoyment of playing team sports with friends or the enjoyment of beating your own personal bests in the gym or running, fitness has the ability to make you happy. I believe the mental health aspects to exercise is so important.

“Finally, to me fitness also means health. I always just feel so much better when I am regularly active compared to times when I am unable to exercise as much as I would like to.”

Liam Noll, Fitness Advisor said: “For me, fitness is an important part of my health and wellbeing. It allows me to escape from the day to day hustle, especially running. Getting way from the computer/mobile screen for an hour really helps to clear my mind.

“I appreciate that sometimes the hardest thing to do is to get started, in which case I would recommend that you try to find something you enjoy.

“Fitness should be fun, there are so many classes and variations of fitness approaches out there that I’m positive there is something for everyone. If you enjoy what you do then you will be more likely to stick with it.”

Fitness plays a big role in many roles in the Fire Service, particularly if you are a firefighter.

Firefighter Ben Whateley-Harris from Orsett Fire Station said: “Fitness plays a massive part in my life. Whether it be escapism, competition, playing matches or being done socially.

“It has the ability to lift you up when you are down and give you that needed boost. It can turn a bad day into a great one.

“For example, if you ever have a problem, go for a run and when you come back you will have the solution.

“It can create epic memories that last a lifetime.

“Fitness for me is more than about training for one particular sport or event. It’s about training for whatever tomorrow throws at you. Whether that be running a marathon, playing rugby, a CrossFit competition or busing a gut at a field fire at work.

“It had and always will be a massive part of my life.”

For fitness advice from Essex County Fire and Rescue Service, follow the Fitness Team on Instagram: @ecfrs_fitness

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