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Fire Service issues safety advice around disposable barbecues

Essex County Fire and Rescue Service has issued safety advice for disposable barbecues after a fire was caused when one was put into a bin while still hot.

Crews extinguished a fire in Clacton on 17 June which is believed to have been caused by a disposable barbecue that was still hot.

James Palmer, Assistant Director, Head of Prevention and Protection, said:

“The embers in disposable barbecues can stay hot for a long time and can set alight to rubbish when placed in a bin.

“Our advice to dispose of these types of barbecues would be to make sure the barbecue is completely cooled down before putting it in a bin. Use water and sand to help extinguish the embers and wait for the metal to completely cool down before you leave it in a bin.

“We’d also advise placing the barbecue on level ground before lighting it and using gloves or utensils to handle the hot barbecue.

“Please do not use these barbecues in grassy fields or in woodland. Lots of fires nationally are caused by barbecues and bonfires in forests and fields, please do not put disposable barbecues on flammable surfaces.”

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Page last updated 18 June 2020

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