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Fire Service gives advice on storing rubbish following house fire

Essex County Fire and Rescue Service has issued advice on storing rubbish after a fire spread to a house in Shoeburyness.

Firefighters attended a house fire in Jena Close, Shoeburyness that is believed to have been accelerated by a build up of rubbish next to a house. 

The fire soon spread to the roof and to the house next door causing significant damage. 

Watch Manager Mark Crouch, Operational and Community Risk Officer said: “Place the refuse outside on the collection day, ensuring this is in line with local authorities and do not store rubbish in corridors and stairwells. You need to keep your escape route in your home clear.

“Where possible, try to maintain a 3m safe distance from your buildings and avoid having bonfires near a build up of rubbish, sheds, fences, trees and plants. 

“Please don’t burn your rubbish and garden waste, many recycling centres are starting to open up again now. 

“Contact your local authority to check for any current arrangements with regards to collections and opening times/arranges of local recycling sites."

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