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Fire Service continues to deal with large number of incidents

As Essex heads into another hot and dry weekend, Essex County Fire and Rescue Service is reiterating its plea for everyone to have #FireFreeFun over the next few days.

Firefighters, control room staff and support teams across the Service have been dealing with a large number of calls and incidents.

Yesterday was one of the Service’s busiest 24 hours this summer with 112 incidents, 75 of those being fires. This is compared to a typical day in Essex, when the Service attends around 70 incidents - seven fires, 24 false alarms and 39 special services - non-fire incidents that require the Service's help.

Area Manager Neil Fenwick said: “We have been busy and are expected to remain so over the weekend. Please help our crews, control staff and all the support teams within our Service who have been working so hard now for a prolonged period of time. You can do this by not having barbecues, bonfires or campfires. The current dry conditions mean any fire can spread very quickly. It’s just not worth the risk.”

Our top hot weather tips:

In hot and dry weather, people can help prevent fires if they:

  • Don’t have bonfires/campfires
  • Don’t have barbecues
  • Make sure cigarettes are put out properly
  • Don’t leave glass bottles in the sun 

Many people will be heading out to Essex beaches, rivers and other waterside locations to cool down over the next few days. Please always follow the Water Safety Code when around water: 

Look for dangers. Always read and follow local safety signs.

Arrange to go with family or friends, and always swim at a lifeguarded location.

In an emergency:

CALL 999
Never enter the water in an attempt to rescue.
If inland, ask for the Fire Service. If at the coast, ask for the Coastguard.

Keep calm. Lean back, and use your arms and legs to help you float. Get control of your breathing and call for help. If you can, swim to safety.


Our latest incident data from August 1 to 11am today (August 12) is below: 

Date False alarm Fire Road Traffic Collision Special Service Grand Total
01/08/2022 22 28 3 16 69
02/08/2022 25 31 2 10 68
03/08/2022 28 28 5 19 80
04/08/2022 28 53 3 19 103
05/08/2022 18 71 5 14 108
06/08/2022 14 52 4 13 83
07/08/2022 15 41 1 9 66
08/08/2022 20 48 3 12 83
09/08/2022 18 45 2 13 78
10/08/2022 16 44 0 6 66
11/08/2022 23 75 2 12 112
12/08/2022 8 11 0 3 22
Grand Total 235 527 30 146 938

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