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Fire Service celebrates Bi Visibility Day

Essex County Fire and Rescue Service is supporting Bi Visibility Day, a day held each year on 23 September to celebrate bisexuality.

It is also called Bisexual Pride Day, CBD-Celebrating Bisexuality Day, and Bisexuality+ Day).

This day is a call to recognise and celebrate the bisexual community, history and culture.

Essex County Fire and Rescue Service is proud to celebrate the diversity of all of its colleagues and volunteers on this day and every day.

Why do we need Bi Visibility Day?

George Alabaster, Stonewall’s Digital Officer and co-chair of its Bi Staff Network, talks about the challenges the bi community face and how we can all play a role in addressing biphobia.

George said: “Bi people are often the forgotten part of the LGBT community. Our experiences are commonly assumed to be the same as lesbian and gay experiences, and our identities are frequently made invisible or dismissed as something that doesn’t exist, by people both inside and outside of this community.”  Read more of George’s story here

Events and further information

The Service’s LGBTQ+ staff support group, BEING, is promoting the #LetsGetVisble event.

You can join the in the celebrations online #LetsGetVisible event tonight (23 Sept) at 7pm on Youtube, Facebook or Instagram. Find out more here

BEING is one of many staff support networks in the Service and aims to support ECFRS employees through peer support, mentoring and social networking to help create an LGBTQ+ friendly working environment.

It also aims to increase an understanding of LGBTQ+ issues within ECFRS, raise awareness of LGBTQ+ events and visibly show support to all members of the LGBTQ+ community and their allies.

Essex County Fire and Rescue Service is an equal opportunities employer and celebrates the diversity of its staff. If you would like to join Essex County Fire and Rescue Service, visit:

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