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Essex County Fire and Rescue Service is recruiting wholetime firefighters

Essex County Fire and Rescue Service (ECFRS) has announced it will be recruiting wholetime firefighters for at least 18 months.

Recruitment opened on Tuesday 25 August, and unlike previous years, will not have a cut off point for application numbers.

The recruitment campaign celebrates the modern day firefighter and highlights the key role they play in their community, challenging outdated stereotypes and myths.

It also tells the stories of some of the current wholetime firefighters in Essex and gives an insight into who they are and how they have challenged stereotypes or worked to become the firefighter they are today.

ECFRS Chief Fire Officer and Chief Executive Jo Turton said:

“We’re so proud to showcase our own firefighters as part of this campaign - we continually say ‘our Service is our people’ and we genuinely mean that.

"All of our firefighters are united by one common mission – the commitment to making Essex a safe place to live work and travel, and we are looking for outstanding people who are dedicated to working as a team to achieve this.

"If that sounds like you, I really believe with the right attitude and preparation being a firefighter is an achievable goal.

“Keeping our recruitment open long term means our applicants can be confident in making sure they are the best they can be when they do apply.”

Grays Firefighter Katie Adrain joined the service 20 months ago. She said:

“When I decided I wanted to be a firefighter I knew I wasn’t quite ready to apply – my fitness and strength levels weren't quite high enough. I could see from the information given by the fitness team online what the tests and pass requirements would be, so I knew exactly what I needed to work on.

“I started to adjust my fitness training and researched about the other parts of the application process. There was a lot of really useful information on the website and social media. I ignored the stereotypes and worked hard to build my confidence at each stage of the process.

“I’ve now been working on station since January 2019 and can genuinely say that the hard work and preparation was absolutely worth every minute.”

The initial stage of recruitment will involve completing an online application form which includes a personal statement.

The assessment and selection process will start with an online test. If successful, the next stage will be an online numerical and verbal reasoning test for candidates who do not have a GCSE A-C or equivalent in Maths and English, followed by a fitness test and then a values-based interview.

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