Essex County Fire and Rescue Service


Don't tackle a fire yourself - get out, stay out, call 999

Essex County Fire and Rescue Service are calling for people to think seriously before tackling a fire themselves.

The call comes after two people sustained burns and smoke inhalation in two separate incidents on the same day (Thursday 11 April).

Lee Lucas, Head of Community Safety, said:

“Our advice to people who have a fire in the home is to Get Out, Stay Out and Call 999.  We give this advice to ensure people are able to get out safely and to minimise the risk of injury.

“We appreciate that in some circumstances people may feel they are able to tackle a small fire, however we would ask people to seriously think about what is sensible and what may be considered a risk to your own safety before taking action.

“And finally, be as prepared as possible in the event of fire by ensuring that working smoke alarms are fitted on every floor of your home to give you an early warning of fire and that you have clear escape routes to enable you and your family to exit your home as quickly as possible.”

What to do if there is a fire:

•    Don’t tackle fires yourself. Leave it to the fire service
•    Keep calm and act quickly. Get everyone out as soon as possible
•    Don’t waste time investigating what’s happened or rescuing valuables
•    If there’s smoke, keep low where the air is clearer
•    Before you open a door, check if it’s warm.  If it is, don’t open it – fire is on the other side
•    Call 999 as soon as you’re clear of the building.  Get out, stay out, call the 999.

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