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Don't miss out - let us know your views

Don’t miss out on the chance to play a role in shaping the future of Essex County Fire and Rescue Service.

Over the last 11 weeks hundreds of Essex residents have taken part in a consultation which gives them the chance to have their say on how the future priorities of Essex County Fire and Rescue Service are delivered.

The consultation was launched on Monday 23 September and runs until Friday 13 December.

It sets out the priorities for the Essex County Fire and Rescue Service and asks residents to agree or disagree on what they feel is a priority, as well as give the opportunity to share their opinions on the focus of the fire and rescue service.

All of the priorities prepare our Service for a future with reductions in incidents, an increased focus on prevention and a commitment to become financially sustainable as reductions in funding continue.

Chief Fire Officer / Chief Exec Jo Turton said:

“With just a few days left to take part in our consultation we’d love to see a final flurry of people give their voice and opinion in helping to shape our focus for the future.

“I urge anyone who has not already taken part to spend 10 minutes completing the consultation so that we can be sure as many people as possible have inputted into having their say on their local fire and rescue service."

To have your say on the visit

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